Quick fix: Got trouble writing? Boost your focus and creativity in an instant


Beethoven had to write his music instead of streaming it from YouTube.

Copywriting is often a very tedious process even for the best writers, never mind if you are someone that has no patience or passion for it. But here’s a quick remedy.

Based on my experience and talking to other people that write a lot, to produce good content once the topic of the article has been chosen I believe it boils down to focus and creativity.

To boost both at any given time of the day I love to listen to classical music, specifically symphonies.

However, the key is to choose the pieces without much signing and few exactly repetitive parts. That way your mind cannot get “caught up in the song”.

Putting headphones on and playing Vivaldi’s Four Season off YouTube (about 40min composition) helps me to concentrate at task at hand a lot. In fact, I am listening to it right now:

If you need to get pumped as well as concentrated, cause it’s 9pm and you are tired, then Mozart’s Symphony 25 (22min) is an amazing tool for the job:

The third piece I recommend, although it’s a bit heavy at times, is Beethoven’s Symphony 5 (just over 30min):

And I just did a quick Google search for “classical music improves concentration” and there is plenty of research that seems to support my experience. Specifically, this one mentioned by The Telegraph shows how listening to classical music benefits us from the very young age.

Do you have any favourites?

Let me know in comments what are your favourite pieces or songs to listen to when you need to concentrate on writing. I am curious to try them out.